Custom Solutions For Your Business

Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough assessment of your paint distribution center to identify any potential health or safety risks. Based on these evaluations, we develop practical solutions to maintain ongoing regulatory compliance and ensure workplace safety.

Worker safely disposing paint cans using GMG's robust waste management services for distributors

Hazardous Waste Management

Effortless Waste Solutions. Let us handle the details with our pain distributor-friendly waste management services.

Industry professionals engaged in a friendly handshake at a workshop, embodying GMG EnviroSafe's commitment to partnership and safety

Safety Training

Specialized safety training in environmental health and safety to empower your team for a secure and confident work environment

Industrial barrels stored safely, showcasing GMG EnviroSafe's commitment to environmental compliance

Environmental Compliance

Compliance solutions that minimizes environmental impact with confidence.

Firefighters in action, showcasing GMG EnviroSafe’s emergency response planning services

Emergency Response Plans

Comprehensive emergency response plans to safeguard your employees and business

Industry pro performing warehouse distribution safety checks, ensuring workplace protection with GMG EnviroSafe

Ongoing Safety Checks

Our routine safety checks guarantee a proactive approach providing continuous protection and peace of mind

Expert PPE training by GMG EnviroSafe for staff in OSHA compliant industry settings

Staff Training On PPE

Personalized staff training on personal protective equipment based on your specific industry

Secure flammable liquid compliance storage solutions mandated by GMG EnviroSafe experts

Flammable Liquids Storage

Safe handling, storage, labeling, and management of flammable liquids to maintain a compliant and secure workspace

EHS specialist managing permits in industrial setting, full time online support available

Permit And Record Organization

Organized permit and record management with 24/7 online access

What our clients say

“Knowing GMG EnviroSafe is there to support us has been incredibly valuable. We now have a whole team of experts to help us with all of our complicated compliance regulations, allowing us to focus on what we do best. I would recommend GMG EnviroSafe to anyone in the manufacturing industry.”

Production Engineering Corporation

Client-praised EHS compliance support for GMG Envirosafe's paint distributor personalized safety consulting
Thriving paint supplier thanks to GMG EnviroSafe's EHS paint distribution compliance services
EHS compliance in paint mixing for employee safety & business growth

Ensuring Total Compliance

By partnering with us, you gain in-depth expertise and attentive support. We help you reduce risks and protect your employees while keeping permits and records organized and current. With GMG EnviroSafe, your paint distribution business stays compliant, safe, and focused on growth.

FAQ's about paint compliance, particularly precision paint mixing
GMG Envirosafe's expert knowledge helps keep paint store employee safe

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my requirements for a mix room?

What are the requirements for secondary containers (i.e. spray bottles, squeeze bottles)?

What are my requirements for a 6H compliant prep station?

We Make EHS Compliance Easy

Let us make compliance easy for your paint business. Contact us today to learn more about our compliance solutions.

Expert EHS support for paint distributors, ensuring a safe, compliant, and productive environment for your team